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1914: Germany at War

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1914: GERMANY AT WAR is a light wargame covering the surprise attack launched by Germany against France in August 1914.

Although based on a historical event, the players in command of the two sides can modify the course of History in early 20th Century Europe.

The game is recommended for two or three players, but has excellent solitaire suitability.

In 1914: GERMANY AT WAR, 1 cm is approximately 27 km (1 : 2.700.000), a turn is 1 month long, and a full-strength counter represents a major military formation, normally of Corps size, along with Army Leaders.


The game includes:

         N° 1 heavy stock Mapboard 86 x 62 cm
         N° 1 16-Pages Rules Manual
         N° 121 PVC Standard Stickers
         N° 119 Wooden Unit Blocks
         N° 20 Wooden Cubes (Area Control)
         N° 19 White Wooden Cubes (Valour Point)
         N° 35 Wooden Disc (Fortress Garrison)
          N° 2 Rules Summary and Player Aids
         N° 1 White Wooden Initiative Disc
         N° 1 Yellow Wooden Turn Track Marker

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