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Battletech. Alpha Strike - Assault Lance Pack

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Thrown into the thick of the firefight, an assault lance MechWarrior has an ego as wide as a DropShip. That ego was earned in blood, sweat and hard-fought victories in the teeth of the enemy across a hundred worlds...

Unleash the Assault Lance Pack on your enemies! Atlas, Grasshopper, Blackjack, and Victor BattleMechs - no assembly required. Perfect for BattleTech and Alpha Strike heavy metal action!


  • 4 Plastic Miniatures (Unpainted)
  • 8 Dry-erase Alpha Strike Card

These miniatures are perfectly usable alongside the Introductory Box Set or with Total Warfareand the full breadth of BattleTech play. Additionally, each Pack includes 8 Alpha Strike cards, allowing these ’Mechs to also be fielded in that tabletop game play style.

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