D12 Beige & black Hit Location die (1)

Hit Location die (1)

A vivid description of the plot is extremely important in Role Playing Games. Only thedirect blows count during fights and it would be nice to know where did you hit and how badly. Otherwisethere is no fun. Q WORKSHOP found a solution for all the RPGsystems that do not specify hit locations in their rules. We presentthe newest D12 Hit Location dice. Smash or cripple your enemy with one precise roll! Have satisfaction that your hero doesn’t onlyreach locations below knees of the opponents bigger than him.Take this giant die, made with high quality plastic, destined to rolling and throwing on table in dramatic emphases. Then you can tell epic storieson how perfectly your hero attacked the weak spot of your enemy armor. No helmet, so no more head!
We decide to not put any texts on die faces. Even AncientEgyptians, that read only hieroglyphs, would understand thebeautifully carved silhouettes on D12 Hit Location dice. We choseelegant, durable pictures instead of texts, because we want to make our bestseller product as universal as possible.

size: approx 30mm

D12 Beige & black Hit Location die (1)

Classic ivory D12 Beige & black Hit Location die is a proof of admiration for the old fashioned elegance, self-respect and vintage sense of honor in all duels and struggles. You have ourrespect.

Dear Gamemaster, you also gaindestiny tool for location of mutations. Give your players an illusion of blind fate when storm of arrows hitsthe heroes in the most unexpected parts of their body in clash of battle. We created a tremendous die, and it’s not only the size we’re speaking of. We hope that you will have great rolls and many direct hits!

List of Hit Locations: 1.Head, 2. Neck, 3.Torso, 4. Right Arm, 5. Left Arm, 6. Right Hand, 7. Left Hand, 8. Underbelly, 9. Right Leg, 10. Left Leg, 11. Right Foot, 12. Left Foot;

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