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Die Goldene Stadt

Edición en alemán. Pincha aquí para descargarte las instrucciones en inglés.

Jugadores: 3-4
Duración: 60 min
Edad: 10+

"Die goldene Stadt" means in English: The Golden City

From far away the adventurers come to the island with the golden city in its center. Just arrived they open up the first shop directly at the coast. Already it is possible to open up other ones in the villages along the street connections.

That’s worth it because by that you’ll get goods, keys, money and concessions which you need strongly for getting ahead. And finally the first is able to establish himself in the golden City and thus getting the most precious trading contracts.

Contents: 1 game board, 72 stores, 50 landscape cards, 16 scoring cards, 8 bonus cards, 8 goods cards, 6 key cards, 35 coins, 4 bidding hands, 1 start player tile, 100 trading contracts, rules

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