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Edición multi-idioma incluido castellano.


Jugadores: 2-4
Duración: 20 min
Edad: 8+

One night on the outskirts of the towering magic mountains the shadow of a dragon appears. Now everything is in turmoil, and people are going to search in the depths of the mountain range for its hiding place. This task won't be easy, however, as without the proper items from the village you'll have no chance of defeating the creatures waiting to be found in the dungeon. Take too long to collect the sword, shield and dragon antivenom required, though, as others might have already found the magic items or treasure of the dragon by then.

In DrachenSchatten, everyone is in the village and the dungeon looking for different objects, treasures and creatures, and they'll need to perform the action or function of the different items so they can reach their goal without being defeated by dragons and hydras along the way.


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