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Founding Fathers

Edición en inglés.

A game of the early American republic. Play begins with George Washington in the presidential office, surrounded by his team of Vice President John Adams and the Secretaries of State and Treasury. Each player controls one of these statesmen as well as several others who will appear, up through the arrival of Abraham Lincoln. Together the players try to solve the issues faced by the young republic - wars, debt, financial panics, the growth of the Union, north-south division, and more. Every four years the most popular politicians from each party square off to see who becomes the next president.

Ages 13 and up. Plays in 60-150 minutes (roughly 30 min/player) 

Game includes:
19-page rule book, including history of the convention, flags, delegates
Game board
Player reference cards (5)
Delegate cards (55)
Constitution Article cards (12) 
Voting chits (12)
Scoring discs (5)
Debate tokens (16)
Influence markers (40)
Two sticker sheets (containing 40 stickers for the influence markers)

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