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Istanbul: The Dice Game

Edición en inglés.

Welcome to the Bazaar of Istanbul! As cunning merchants, players need to outdo their competitors in order to become the sole Master of the Trade Guild. Turn after turn, they contend with each other for money and goods. Their faithful assistants, represented by custom dice, support the players in their endeavours. Using their income wisely, players can invest in improved abilities or purchase the mush-desired rubies. With a little bit of luck and the right strategy, the first player to collect a certain amount of rubies will come out victorious as the next Master of the Trade Guild.

Istanbul – Das Würfelspiel maintains the charm and look of its big brother, but compresses it into a fast and easy-to-learn family game. This makes it appealing for fans of the board game as well as newcomers who are slowly proceeding to more advanced games.



1 Game Board

42 Goods Markers

3 Gold Coins

6 Silver Coins

27 Copper Coins

9 Custom Dice

33 Bazaar Cards

24 Mosque Tiles

31 Rubies

12 Crystals

4 Action Summary Aids

2 Rule Books (English, German)

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