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Knatsch - Knights - Caballeros

Edición en alemán independiente del idioma. Pincha aquí para descargarte las instrucciones en castellano.



Jugadores: 2-6
Duración: 30 min
Edad: 8+

Knights is a dice game in which players attempt to capture cards to fulfill the victory conditions. Players may win by capturing four castles, three castles and toppling the King, or two castles and three tournaments.

Each card displays a dice combination that must be beaten to win the card. Dice are rolled several times with the player saving good dice, throwing out sixes, and rerolling others for a better the score. This is quite similar to Yahtzee.

Special cards add a lot of flavor to the dice battles. Some special cards add an extra roll or an extra die for the combat. Others help you defend or attack castles.

A very short game in a very compact package.



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