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Line of Fire #14

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Line of Fire #14 is here. What can you expect, you ask? From this issue going forward Line of Fire will be printed in full-color throughout! Line of Fire #14 comes with a World at War Expansion Module: Baltic Fury which expands Blood & Bridges. If you have Blood and Bridges and Line of Fire #14 you are ready to play Baltic Fury. Baltic Fury comes with 11 scenarios, 140 new counters featuring forces from Denmark, Poland and the Soviet Union. Baltic Fury showcases the Warsaw Pact's push north to control the Baltic Sea lanes, with scenarios set on Jutland and the islands of Funen and Bornholm. Line of Fire #14 / Baltic Fury includes a 11"x17" map.

Line of Fire #14 is packed with over 60 pages of goodness and articles which include: US Armored Divisions in WWII, Zombies and Desert Heat. We also have an interview with Baltic Fury designer Matt Lohse about the module, a Dawn's Early Light Random Events Table Variant, an America Conquered Battle Report, Warparty Fiction and a review of Dust Tactics.

This issue also comes with counters and scenarios for many of our other games. Counters include Panthers and Panzer IV H's needed for use in a Band of Heroes scenario set near Arracourt. These Panzers will also allow those of you who own Band of Heroes but not the Lock 'n Load expansion Swift & Bold to now play the Lock 'n Load expansion Noville.


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