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Lock´n´Load: Battle Pack Alpha 2nd Ed.

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Battle Pack Alpha 2nd Edition now comes in full color with 14 scenarios designed to increase the replayability of your Lock "n Load games. Included are missions in the jungles of Vietnam, the streets of Arnhem, and the small Belgian village of Foy. There are Jewish Partisans defending their home, German panzers attacking a Russian bridgehead, and North Vietnamese regulars storming an American-held hill. We now include 5 maps with the overlays printed right on them. We have also included 5 free bonus X-Maps.

Here are some of the Scenarios Include:

Of Mines and Men: While a platoon of Marines supported by Am tracks are patrolling a mine-infested area, they are ambushed by the Viet Cong. Can they vanquish their hidden foes? 
The Road to Astrachan: An elite German long range reconnaissance group is sent to far reaches of the Caspian Sea, but can it survive a Russian gauntlet as it enters enemy territory?
Fallschirmjager Requiem: British commandos face off with fallschirmjagers in the town of Werbel.
Fortress Breslau: A mixed-bag of German units bravely defends the beautiful city of Breslauagainst a Russian onslaught.
An Apple Cart for Jerry: British Paras defend a Landing zone outside of Arnhem using some innovative measures.
One Last Blitz for Old Time’s Sake: On Hitler’s orders, a refitted panzer battalion makes a final assault against a Russian bridgehead.
The Brickyard 150: British Paras attempt to open a route to relieve their own at the ArnhemBridge.
Teamwork: Outside of Bastogne, elements of the 101st Airborne try to mount a coordinated defense against Panzer Lehr.

40 Page Scenario Booklet
14 Scenarios
5 x Maps
5 x X-Maps

You will need one or all of Forgotten Heroes, Band of Heroes, Swift and the Bold and Not One Step Back to play all these scenarios.



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