Loot Island

Edición en inglés.

1640 A.D.A ghastly curse befell a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. Soon, it was known that its dark magic would not only afflict whoever tries to take away anything from the island, but also haunt whoever even dares approach its coasts. Ingenious and opportunistic pirates soon realized the island was the perfect location to hide their loot, as, once buried there, it was almost impossible for it to be stolen (yet again).

Centuries later, pieces of the lost maps were found by you and your fellow treasure hunters.

Join them to assemble the maps to find the treasure, but at the same time ruthlessly compete with them to get the biggest share of the loot for yourself. It is pirate treasure after all, arrr!

The player who finds the best balance between cooperating and competing, together with the right timing of actions, and a bit of luck, wins the game.

Will you be able to grab the most precious treasures and break the curse of Loot Island?


1 Main Island board 

7 Small Island tiles

1 First Player tile

1 Ship

15 Compass discs

5 Character cards

80 Curse cubes

18 Event cards

74 Treasure cards

88 Map cards

14 Healer cards

5 Player Aid cards

1 Score Pad

2 Rulebook (English, German)

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