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Moral Conflict 1940

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Jugadores: 2-5
Duración: 60 min
Edad: 12+

Who will live together in all five dimensions?

Experience many unexpected when you use a combination of skill, planning and tactics to perfect your strategy!

This game constantly challenges players to be inventive in developing strategies and creative decisions to influence their power’s destiny in a world in danger of slipping into the depths of evil. The intense MC1940 experience offers one surprise after another. Every game session brings a different experience and the lesson learned can inspire you for life.

The Moral Conflict 1940 board allows not only a 2 -6 player game using all three boards but also a shorter game from 90 minutes on two boards in an Atlantic scenario with 2,3,4 or 5 players using 8 Chessex 12 sided dice. Eight (8) Chessex 12 sided dices are used for this streamlined game.

There are over 700 pieces, featuring armies, armored groups, strategic anti-aircraft and 2 fortresses on land. battle fleets, carrier task forces, submarines, convoys at sea and tactical aircraft and strategic bombers in the air; Players fight to control 78 territories and their oil and iron ore resources on a medium sized 96 x 46 cm board.

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