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Pirates vs Ninjas

Edición en inglés.

Jugadores: 2-6
Duración: 20 min

Choose a Side
Roll de Dice
Rule the World!

Can canons and sea monsters beat out dragons, throwing stars and ancient ninja magic? Players can find out with Pirates vs. Ninjas. This fast-paced dice game tests players’ gaming skills. By combining strategy, cunning and a little luck, players outsmart their opponents to win.

Players get to choose whether they want to play as the pirate marauders or the ninja warriors. Each set includes 18 custom dice, battle guides, two dice cups and a unique connector lid that snaps the cups together to form a carrying case.

Pirate vs. Ninjas is the newest edition in the AvA series. Players can also pick up Army vs. Aliens, the first in the series, to mix and match factions and customize their game experience.

Contents of Pirates vs Ninjas dice game :

9 pirate dice, 9 ninja dice, battle guides and instructions, 2 dice cups (that double up as a portable carry case)

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