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Pyramid Arcade

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Looney Pyramids are not so much a game, as a game system: like a deck of playing cards, they're a set of components that can be used to play all sorts of different games. Pyramid Arcade is a culmination of all our years of making the pyramids – a big boxed set that lets you play 22 games in one, and opens the door to even more possibilities!

Games included in the set:

Black Ice    Petal Battle
Color Wheel    Petri Dish
Give or Take    Pharaoh
Hijinks    Powerhouse
Homeworlds    Pyramid-Sham-Bo
IceDice    Treehouse
IceTowers    Twin Win
Launchpad 23    Verticality
Looney Ludo    Volcano
Lunar Invaders    World War 5
Martian Chess    Zark City

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