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Seven Dragons

Edición en inglés.


Jugadores: 2-5
Duración: 10 min
Edad: 6+

Seven Dragons is based on Aquarius, also from Looney Labs. Players start with a secret goal color from the seven colored dragons, and a hand of three cards. The Silver Dragon is laid on the table as the starting card - at this stage it is a wild card. The playing cards feature domino-like colored panels in the same manner as Aquarius. On a player's turn they draw one card and play one from their hand. Cards are laid so as to connect matching colored panels. The winner is the first to create a connected territory of seven panels matching their dragon color. The deck also includes Action Cards such as Move a Card, Zap a Card, Trade Hands, etc. The used Action Cards form a discard pile and the top card of this pile dictates the color of the starting Silver Dragon - once the discard pile has started, the Silver Dragon is no longer wild.


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