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Steam: Map Expansion 5: Boxcar

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Boxcar comes with a two-sided map featuring new terrain and game experiences. On one side is a map of India for 3-5 players, while the other is a map of the Southeastern United States for 2-5 players.

Boxcar also adds new Action Tiles that can be used with all your Steam maps to give them new life (the Surveyor, the Midnight Express, the Local Payoff, and Corporate Charity), as well as the Gray Market Goods expansion, which adds mysterious dual goods to the game and expands the range of deliveries you can make.

As if that weren’t enough, Mayfair has also included tiles available only as limited edition promos for the game: Demanding Suppliers, City Growth Special Contractors, and Five Way Town. Plus: more track tiles in new, more complicated varieties for the most advanced players.


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