Strategy & Tactics 279: Reconquista

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Reconquista is a strategic-level game simulating the Christian re-conquest of Iberia during the years 850 to 1250. The map shows the entire Iberian peninsula, with land areas representing territories and kingdoms. The game is primarily two-player, simulating the struggle for control of the peninsula between collective Christian kingdoms and the Muslim Moors, but it can also be adapted to a multi-player format as various realms rise and fall. The game includes all the major historic Christian and Muslim “nationalities” of the epoch (228 counters), such as Asturias-León, Castillians, Aragonese, Catalans, as well as different contingents of Muslim forces, such as the Andalusíes (Spanish Muslims) and the North Africans (Almohades, Almorávides).

Reconquista consists of 16 game turns, each representing approximately 25 years of campaigning, as well as punctuating periods of peace. Pieces represent field armies, including knights, cavalry, orders, raiders and naval power.

China Invades Taiwan: AD 1683
The Maginot Line: French Fortification line
The T54/55 Tank


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