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Taj Mahal (Z-Man)

Edición en inglés.

Only the best leaders can carry India into a new age. While the Grand Mogul tours the twelve provinces of India, you must prove that you are worthy of the responsibility. Master the dance of intrigue to win the approval of the Grand Mogul, the loyalty of his advisors, and the wealth of the provinces. Choose your battles wisely, as the Grand Mogul may be more open to your influence in the next province you visit.

While visiting the provinces, you’ll have the chance to influence the court and the Grand Mogul himself. Strategically play your Influence cards or choose to withdraw, letting your competitors exhaust their resources as they fight for control. At the end of a visit to a province, players will compare cards and symbols, seeing who spread their influence the best to each member of the court, swaying them to their side.

Contents: Rulebook, 1 Game Board, 105 Palaces, 96 Influence Cards, 4 Prestige Cards, 12 Province Tokens, 24 Advisor Tokens, 16 Bonus Tokens, 5 Scoring Markers, 1 Crown, 1 First Player Marker, 1 Pedestal

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