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Edición en inglés.

Jugadores: 3-5
Duración: 45 min.

Because everyone likes a good story!

Everyone likes a good story, but what’s the best kind? A good old-fashioned murder-mystery, or a swords-and-sandals historical epic? A fantastical fairytale, or a bit of domestic drama? Or maybe a mixture of the lot? In Telltale, you get to decide, because you are the storyteller.

Players bid for story cards, then put them together to create their very own mini-masterpieces. Points are awarded for combinations of cards, and for the best story of the round. The first player to reach 50 points is the winner, and is declared the master storyteller.

270 Telltale cards
1 Rule Sheet
1 Game Board
5 Bidding Boards
5 Screens
20 Counters
100 Coins

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