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The Battle for Normandy Expansion

Edición en inglés.

Jugadores: 2-8
Duración: 240 min

This Expansion Set for The Battle for Normandy allows players to extend the campaign game to the end of August, but most importantly includes the area for the Mortain and Falaise Pocket scenarios.

Counters are included to fill out Allied and Axis Order of Battles to the end of August, and also include specific breakdown counters for AT, SP AT, and mechanized infantry.
The Full Color Rules & Scenario books are updated and comprehensive, and include all original rules and scenarios plus all optional rules, and 6 new scenarios.
  • 1 Rulebook (color): Original rules plus updates and all addtional optional rules (40 pages - dated 2013)
  • 1 Scenario book (color): Originals plus 6 additional including Falaise Gap, Mortain and Operation Totalize - 12 scenarios in total (64 pages- dated 2013).
  • Two full maps; the top halves of which will overlap Maps D & E, taking it just over a half map South. These will be back-printed with mid-map projections for scenarios
    • map ABC on one side / map G on other side
    • map CE on one side / map F on other side
  • 1 8-1/2 x 11" color map section: (Utah Beach area) cardstock
  • 2 full countersheets (560 counters) - [...] counters to fill out the OOB to the end of August, optional type-specific breakdown counters (AT, SP AT, mech infantry, etc.) and replacements counters
    • 4 new German infantry divisions, 1 US infantry division, 1 US armored division, German coastal batteries Fire arc limited, Marker counters for optional rules (Weather forecast, Commando REM repl, CW/US air & supply allocation planning), errata counters (including counters published in C3I #24)
    • Princess Irene Brigade & the Belgian brigade, "Tac Move" & "Isolated" markers, etc...



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