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The Estates: Bid and Build

Edición en inglés.

The City Council recently approved the zoning map for a new urban development—The Estates. The zoning map calls for 2 rows of 4 buildings each, but investors ignore the requirements and begin building in all 3 rows. The Mayor catches wind of the potential for profit and begins planning a new mansion in The Estates, which doubles the value of one of the rows. The City Council puts an end to this racketeering with an ultimatum: as soon as the first 2 rows are completed, the uncompleted row is to be torn down, resulting in a huge loss for all who invested there.

The players take on the role of investors seeking to make the most money by developing buildings in The Estates. Players will bid for the various building pieces and place them in The Estates to their benefit. All buildings in completed rows score positive points, while all buildings in incomplete rows score negative points. It is possible to have zero completed rows of buildings.

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