The Rats in the Walls

Edición en alemán/inglés.

Jugadores: 3-6
Duración: 30 min.

Note: If you combine this with a second copy of the game, up to 12 players can play.

This game is based on the eponymous story by H.P. Lovecraft. In the story, the protagonist gradually loses his sanity because he imagines hearing rats in the walls of an old building (this part of the story forms the essence of this game). In the conclusion, the imaginary rats lead the protagonist to a bizarre cave full of gnawed bones. Falling over the body of a companion, he completely loses his mind (this end of the story can occur under certain conditions in the game).

  • Game Materials
  • 1 dice cup ( the walls )
  • 2 stickers ( showing the masonry )
  • 1 beer coaster
  • 5 swooden dice - each die has a rat on one face and two rats on another face, but the other four faces are blank.
  • 1 dice bag
  • 30 (plastic) brains
  • 6 double-sided summary sheets (with sides A and B)

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