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The 1920s. Small City was founded just a few years ago, but nonetheless, the Town Center is prosperous, and the weird CliniC is flourishing. But the citizens are clamoring for a new transport network, so they can get around more easily. What could be more modern than a tramway?

In Tramways, you take on the role of an investor trying to implement your particular vision for the new transit map for the city. Build and develop your network to rush people about, but do your best to balance business with pleasure, and be sure the citizens get enough rest, lest the stress overwhelm you!

Tramways, a game developed & published in association with Alban Viard Studio Games is set in the same world as Small City, also published by Alban Viard in 2015. Fans of this universe will recognize the city theme and challenging yet intellectually rewarding mechanisms.

The goal of Tramways is to have the most Happiness points at the end of the game.

You earn Happiness points by moving passengers, building new railways, and constructing new buildings. You take on the role of investors in the early 1920s who are trying to develop the most efficient rail network. You collect tickets (cards) throughout the game and use symbols on them to take actions.

The more efficiently you use your cards, the more you can do with them, but the more you must increase your stress level, as well. Stress is tracked on your personal board, and counts as negative Happiness points at the end of the game.

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