Wooden Tokens Yellow

These packs of 50 high quality wooden gaming tokens include a wide assortment of tokens in yellow.

These tokens are perfect for customizing and enhancing your games. Eager to add your own fleet of trading galleys to your games of Constantinapolis? Here you’ll find ships, buildings, people, and other shapes all in one convenient package. Wooden Tokens are also excellent for giving your own gaming projects a visual flare, so keep a few packs handy when inspiration strikes.

Each pack contains:

• 4 Cubes
• 4 Hexagonal Cylinders
• 4 Round Cylinders
• 4 small Disks
• 4 large Disks
• 6 Pawns (Meeples)
• 4 small Buildings
• 4 large Buildings
• 4 Ships
• 10 Rails/Roads

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